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Unexciting 2nd Act for Dramatic Lewes, DE As-Is Listings

Jun 18, 2018

Of all the attention-grabbing terms to be found in Lewes, DE  listings, the audacious “as-is” ranks right up there near the top of the deck. Intentional or not, it carries a pronounced dramatic aura. Contractors see Lewes, DE  “as-is” listings as calls to action. House flippers’ pulse rates quicken when they come across it. For most typical prospective buyers, on the other hand, the same term triggers furrowed brows and a hasty move onto the next listing.

“As-is” carries shades of meaning with legal implications, but in general, it simply signals to the world that the seller is not interested in improving the offered property. If something needs to be fixed, it’s up to the next owner to handle it. For that reason, Lewes, DE  as-is listings are nearly always accompanied by bargain asking prices.

The unique impact of the term isn’t due to what’s stated, but to what’s implied. It’s hard to escape the suspicion that something must be haywire with the place! That is where even more drama can develop—because that’s not necessarily the case. It could signal an all-time genuine world-class homebuying bargain!!!!! That would be the case if, for instance, the seller is simply eager to move on, and figures that the combination of “as-is” plus an appealing asking price will trigger one or more serious offers in a hurry.

But it’s also possible that the seller, having detected telltale signs that could signal major maintenance issues to come, lacks the wherewithal to tackle a worst-case scenario. He may be required to divulge what he knows—but the possible speculations are up to the buyer. The glass could be half full, or…?

The drama of the as-is listing can have a pronouncedly undramatic second act—which will be the case when I am your buyer’s agent. This wet blanket of an approach is known as the home inspection contingency. Even though it removes much of the casino-like excitement from the ensuing action, it’s seriously recommended for even the most optimistic of buyers. The $300-$500 that an experienced Lewes, DE  inspector will charge is the best way to detect what, if any, major defects are likely to turn up—allowing for some realistic bottom line calculations. When included as part of any offer (as-is or not), this properly worded contingency provides would-be buyers an economical exit if the resulting calculations reveal a non-bargain.


Having an experienced Lewes, DE  agent on your team is how to remove the drama when you’re buying or selling a home—but it can also mean safety when uncovering true Lewes, DE  home buying bargains. Buying or selling, as-is or not, I’m here to help! Call/Text me Russell Stucki at (302) 228-7871, email me at, visit more listings at

Sky-High Walk-Ups Compared with Dewey Beach, DE Asking Prices

Jun 18, 2018

It’s true that Dewey Beach, DE has been experiencing some healthy residential price rises. I suspect that if you had told a 1950s homeowner what a typical Dewey Beach, DE asking price is nowadays, ten to one they would have thought you were pulling their leg. But, as in many tales dealing with finances high (and low), Manhattanites dependably lead the pack. According to the Wall Street Journal, that’s how it is with walk-ups.

For Dewey Beach, DE readers who need to be reminded, “Manhattan walk-ups” are residences whose tenants manage to survive without the not-so-modern convenience of an elevator. When you think about the combined weight of all the stuff we carry in and out of our residences on a weekly basis, walk-up living is no mean feat.

That’s particularly true for anyone living above, say, the third floor. If you take the number of times we go in and out of a typical Dewey Beach, DE front door every day, then multiply that by the number of stairs that would need to be managed—times two—you begin to see the extent of the challenge. Not just that: what if you are a young couple with a babe in arms…or (come to think of it) an elderlycouple with a dog?

Despite the onerous details, last week, the Journal described how “more and more people are looking past the fact they are climbing stairs.” The details are fascinating—but maybe you’d better sit down before we get into the details.

When it comes to apartment asking prices, elevator-served buildings reflect what you’d expect. Penthouse views of the City are pricey—and way more expensive than ground or second-floor units. Walk-up buildings are the exact opposite: the higher up the unit, the lower the asking prices become.

Are you sitting down, yet?

The case in point is a “narrow” 5th floor East Village co-op unit that just went under contract for more than $1,900,000. The deal was cinched less than three weeks after it was listed—following a bidding war including seven offers topping the asking price. It joined more than 60 Million-Dollar-Plus Manhattan sales of high floor walk-ups. The Journal reported (without irony) that prices on high-floor apartments “may be rising.” The understatement jibed nicely with one positive-thinking appraiser’s judgment that climbing all those stairs “is like having a free health club.”


Although Dewey Beach, DE’s house hunters have been seeing some asking price rises, I’m confident when I say that the majority of Dewey Beach, DE properties currently listed are, relatively speaking, absolute steals! If you are thinking of buying or listing, I hope you’ll give me a call. Call/Text me Russell Stucki at (302) 228-7871, email me at, visit more listings at

A “Fan” Club for Cooler North Bethany, DE Household Summers

Jun 18, 2018

Wednesday officially marks the end North Bethany, DE ’s spring season, but Mother Nature doesn’t always consult the calendar before she rolls out the week’s weather. In any case, sooner or later we’ll be experiencing what happens when the summer heat hits the “sweltering” mark, at which point North Bethany, DE householders will want their premises to be reliable refuges.

Even though last week’s national Energy Information Administration predictions called for only moderate energy cost increases short-term (and lower costs in 2019), when the heat index registers anything less than “heat wave” intensity, North Bethany, DE household budget minders have some options to help them keep cool under the collar as well as under the roof. A fair number of them involve fans.

For homes which aren’t situated where cross ventilation happens automatically, the simple addition of a box fan or two can make a world of difference. The trick is to place it or them where they can move air from cooler to warmer areas without creating foot traffic jams—and to be willing to move them from place to place as conditions change.

Window fans can bring significant temperature moderation on shady sides of the house—and the ‘Reverse’ switch can evacuate hot air when the sun makes it necessary.

An attic fan is a more permanent solution. For houses that have sparse shade cover, it can provide enormous amounts of heat relief with moderate energy consumption—especially when the insulation is up to snuff.

Ceiling fans operate with minimal expense. The cooling wind chill effect on skin makes a room feel as much as 8 degrees cooler—while saving up to 40% of what turning on the air conditioning can cost. Springtime weather makes it easy to forget, but in case you haven’t done so yet, it’s high time to reverse the blade motion: summer calls for the counterclockwise direction. It’s set correctly when you are to feel the air move when you stand beneath the fan.

Of course, the real long-term energy-saver is the most ancient and natural one: shade. Strategic placement is the ticket. Now is the time to plant trees and foliage where they will ultimately shade the side of the house where the sun hits the strongest. You can also create shady areas that invite everyone to spend more time enjoying the outside. Adding a creative landscaping feature like a trellis or pergola will create more than just an oasis for deep summer days—it will add significant extra value to your whole property.


Here’s hoping your summer is an enjoyable one. If North Bethany, DE real estate questions come up, I’ll be here by the phone, waiting to help! Call/Text me Russell Stucki at (302) 228-7871, email me at, visit more listings at